Build a Stop Light

I was driving today, and the light turned yellow. I hit the accelerator and my 3 year old retorted from the backseat, mama, go slow! So I told him, I am sorry and to make up for it, we can go home and build a Stop Light.

Learning Objective: In this project you learn about LED, which is a Light Emitting Diode. It emits light when current is applied to its leads, releasing energy in form of photons.

Completed Circuit of a Stop Light

Parts needed:

Steps to build the Light:

  1. Place two 4-point wire & two 1-point wire components on the board.

2. Place the red, yellow & green LED and two 2-point wire on the board as shown below.

3. Add the graphic panel and battery. Then flip the switch on the battery to “ON” position.

4. Congratulations! you just built a Stop Light.

So, did you slow down at the yellow light today ? 🙂 Let me know in the comments!

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