Build a Solar Fan

I build this Solar Fan using the 12 in 1 Microduino mPuzzle kit. Solar Energy is a type of renewable energy, which means the energy is collected from a source that can be replenished on a human time scale.

Learning Objective: A light sensor is a kind of switch that can help turn things on & off. When there is light, the circuit is on, when there is no light the circuit is off.

Parts needed:

Steps to build the Solar Fan:

  1. Place the NPN, two 1-point wire components & one 3-point wire component on the board as shown.

2. Place two 1-point wire components on the top and bottom most part of the left most 3-point wire component. put one 2-point wire component on the bottom of the NPN circuit across the 1-point wire component. Put the light sensor in the middle and the motor on the top part of the npn circuit.

3. Add the graphic panel & the battery. Place one 2-point wire component on the left most side as shown in the picture. Add the fan on top of the motor .

4. Turn the switch on the battery. The fan starts moving. Cover the light sensor and the fan stops moving. Because when there is light the circuit is on.

Congratulations! You just build a Solar fan.

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