Super Hero Wand Magnets

With halloween slowly approaching closer, I was thinking about what character to dress up as this time. I have always loved celebrating Halloween & now it is even more special as my son’s birthday is on Halloween! He knows he wants to dress up as “Cat Boy” from PJ masks, however I am still unsure. So today’s hands on activity is a bit about halloween and a bit about magnets.

I have a huge collection of Fridge magnets. Whichever city I visit, I make sure to bring back a Magnet, and “Cat boy” loves looking & playing with those! He pulls it away from the Fridge door and then sticks them back again. So today I asked him to try it against the wall & observe what happens. It doesn’t work! Omg, I broke it he said. I asked him to try it again with the Fridge….it works again!

I started to explain to him that a Magnet has two poles ; North pole & South pole. He became too happy all of a sudden, and asked so Santa comes from the Magnet ? hmmm wow! I did not see that coming, and frankly I do not want to answer that question! So I decided to just jump into the activity. šŸ˜› Do you want to make a Superhero Magnet Wand? The answer was yes yes yes please! So here we go…

Materials needed:

  • Colorful straws
  • Tape & Scissor
  • Magnets
  • Superhero Cut outs


  1. Take a colored straw & put a magnet inside it. Secure the magnet with some tape so it is not visible & does not come out.

2. Tape the cut-out on the straw.

3. Repeat the same steps with the other two straws.

Your super hero wand magnets are ready!

What are you dressing up as this halloween ?

Caution: The magnets are small & can be swallowed by a child. Adult help is needed while cutting and sticking tape.

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