Nature Hike

These days we have been very conscious about our screen time. I love that we are spending more time as a family doing things. Yesterday we decided to take an early morning hike. My son is always so excited to go out! We got dressed & decided to head out to Ulistac Natural Area. I quickly decided to get things ready.

Things to take with you on a nature hike:

  • Water & snacks
  • Hats
  • Sunscreen
  • A small bag ( if you are into collecting fallen leaves & flowers)
  • First aid

We walked and heard birds chirping. The sky was clear blue & the white clouds made beautiful shapes. We just stood there listening to the sound of nature. It felt so amazingly calm. We saw a Scrub Jay, a Fence Lizard, Humming birds, Squirrels, Bees, Sunflowers, and flowers & trees we did not know names of.

One great thing I liked about this trail was, some of the plants are labelled. So you can learn about it by looking up the names.

My son really liked the yellow sunflowers. I asked him, do you know the Sunflowers always faces the Sun. He said yeah because they are “Sun” flowers! mmm okay. Then I proceeded to tell him this phenomenon is called “Heliotropism”. I am sure he stopped listening by then! But you know sometimes even when I think he is not listening, he is! Few days back we were at the park on a slide he surprised me by saying mommy look “Static”, when his sweater touched the slide. I must have tried teaching him about Static electricity some day and he appeared to be not listening, but he remembered!

This is how I want him to learn; by experiencing it, feeling it and remembering it as a fond memory with his mom, with his dad, with his family.

How are you spending time with your family today?

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