Solar System Activity

Today we decided to build a Solar system so that we could learn a little bit about the planets. We started out by cutting out 9 circles of various sizes matching the planets. Biggest circle for the Sun, then Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Earth, Venus, Mars & lastly Mercury. We also cut out some starContinue reading “Solar System Activity”

Dinosaur Bones

Today we were sitting & making puzzles, and that got me thinking about this Dinosaur bone puzzle we have. And since it is Earth week, I felt like combining those two themes together! So we head to the yard to do some digging. Playing with earth brings so much joy to the kids. At oneContinue reading “Dinosaur Bones”

Celebrating Earth Day!

Earth day is celebrated around the world on April 22. It was first started in the year of 1970 to express support for the environment. It is still celebrated around the world with various fun activities for the family. The activities helps raise awareness about our environment. Since today is Earth Day we decided toContinue reading “Celebrating Earth Day!”

Why are flowers brightly colored?

Today while we were gardening my son complimented me on how beautiful my flower plants look. I told him that he also helped me tend to them, so he gets to take some credit for it too! Then he requested if I can make the green leaves colorful as well like the flowers since theyContinue reading “Why are flowers brightly colored?”

Activities that can be done at home with kids

It has been about a month that we began sheltering in place because of Covid-19. Since then a lot has changed. A lot of adjustments had to be made to our daily routines, since offices and schools are now closed. It was difficult for all of us, but mostly for the kids, who don’t fullyContinue reading “Activities that can be done at home with kids”

Sheltering in place during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Our Shelter in place order came in on Tuesday morning. Some how we didn’t realize matters would get so worse, so quickly. We as a family were sort of unprepared. I quickly ran to the grocery store to stock up the essentials. Every place had huge lines. Even when I got inside the stores, aContinue reading “Sheltering in place during the Corona Virus Pandemic.”

If you can’t Recycle, Up-cycle it!

Today after school , me & my son went to check our mailbox & then proceeded towards the recyclable bins to drop our recycling stash. And it was full to the brim! He exclaimed wow it is super full, now what do we do? I said let’s wait till tomorrow and come back? We headedContinue reading “If you can’t Recycle, Up-cycle it!”

Food, science & love

I have always loved to eat, but I never cooked. The cooking part started after I got married. I remember my mom always loved to cook & feed me. We rarely ate food from outside. I always wondered why was it so important to her to feed everyone? I understood that part after I hadContinue reading “Food, science & love”

Morning Cuppa & diffusion

Our morning starts with me making two cups of Tea, and then drinking it with my husband along with one Cookie. Since it is getting colder, I was feeling lazy today to get up and make Tea. My son asked me, why aren’t you drinking Tea? He is so used to this ritual now! HeContinue reading “Morning Cuppa & diffusion”