Build a Windmill

I made this WindMill using MicroDuino’s 8 in 1 Itty bitty city, mCookie kit. The motor is activated when the microphone hears a noise. Then the motor turns the windmill blades. Uses of windmills : Windmills convert kinetic energy from wind into mechanical power, which in turn can be used for pumping water, or aContinue reading “Build a Windmill”

Building a Lighthouse

We as a family love to take road trips. This weekend we decided to go see the Point Reyes Lighthouse. My husband told my almost 4-year old, we are going to see a light house. His excitement knew no bounds. I asked my boy, so what is a lighthouse ? He took a moment andContinue reading “Building a Lighthouse”

Build a Desk Lamp

I build this Desk Lamp using the 12 in 1 Microduino mPuzzle kit. Learning Objective: Like turning a knob on a water facet, sliding the switch back and forth changes how much power it lets though, changing the brightness of the bulb. Parts needed: Steps to build the Desk Lamp: Place one 3-point wire componentContinue reading “Build a Desk Lamp”

Build a Solar controlled Light

I build this Solar light using the 12 in 1 Microduino mPuzzle kit. Solar Energy is a type of renewable energy, which means the energy is collected from a source that can be replenished on a human time scale. Learning Objective: A light sensor is a kind of switch that can help turn things onContinue reading “Build a Solar controlled Light”

Build a Magnet Detector

I build this Magnet detector using the 12 in 1 Microduino mPuzzle kit. Learning Objective: A magnet has attracts to another magnet if the opposite poles are brought together & repels when same poles are together. This is called magnetic force. When the magnet is moved closer to the magnetic switch , the magnet pullsContinue reading “Build a Magnet Detector”