Celebrating Earth Day!

Earth day is celebrated around the world on April 22. It was first started in the year of 1970 to express support for the environment. It is still celebrated around the world with various fun activities for the family. The activities helps raise awareness about our environment. Since today is Earth Day we decided toContinue reading “Celebrating Earth Day!”

Seasons & Colors

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Had a bunch of things to finish. Even when my son came back from school I wasn’t done. My husband was not back from work, my son’s dinner was not ready, oh what a mess! I asked my son, would you like to watch some TV while IContinue reading “Seasons & Colors”

I only want colored flowers

After coming back from school & having snack, my son usually sits with me on the balcony . Then I get quizzed on the make and color of the cars that pass by. I also have a small garden which I tend to while answering to the pop quiz! Yesterday he decided to help. HeContinue reading “I only want colored flowers”